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Board of Directors Job Description

Start date: April 2022

Location: South Africa and worldwide

Are you troubled  by the negative ways in which Black people are portrayed in the media and society? 

Do you believe in the power of storytelling to change mindsets and behaviors, particularly in relation to Black people?

Do you want to be part of the driving force behind a small but ambitious nonprofit aiming to do just that? 

Then this opportunity may be for you! Join us as a member of the Board of Directors at The Emerge Project – South Africa.


The Emerge Project (TEP) uses the power of storytelling and narrative change to facilitate the emergence of Black leaders and agents of change globally. Through videos, photography, and written narratives we highlight the beauty, resourcefulness, and ingenuity of “ordinary” Black people who are making a difference in their communities. We use these stories to inspire action, and facilitate partnerships, collaboration, and other opportunities that help expand their impact. Our goal is that Black individuals and communities at all levels of society are inspired and empowered to write their own stories and create meaningful solutions.

Currently, the bulk of our work and focus is in South Africa, with a secondary focus on Brazil. Our vision over time is to expand to other countries where Black people are driving change. TEP South Africa (TEP-SA) is a registered nonprofit company and has been active since 2017.


TEP has recently undergone a top to bottom restructuring process. We are seeking passionate, dynamic voluntary members to join the Board of Directors and help to transform TEP-SA into a strong, stable, and thriving innovative organization. 

The Board will support and guide the work of TEP-SA and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance, including fiduciary, financial, and leadership oversight. In addition, as a working Board, members are expected to assist in matters of day-to-day operations (such as strategy, leadership, and programmatic work; fundraising; partnership-building; communications, etc.), in collaboration with TEP-SA’s Director, until such time as we are able to hire permanent staff to perform these tasks. 

Specifically, the Board of Directors will collectively:

  • Serve as trusted advisors to the Director in developing and executing TEP’s strategic plan in South Africa
  • Help drive key program initiatives and activities that build and strengthen TEP-SA
  • Ensure proper financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget
  • Actively lead fundraising efforts by identifying and cultivating individual, corporate, foundation contacts, and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for TEP-SA to advance its mission
  • Regularly evaluate TEP-SA’s impact and outcomes
  • Act as advocates and ambassadors for TEP-SA in South Africa and globally
  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in four quarterly Board meetings each year
  • Leverage connections, networks and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve TEP-SA’s mission
  • Recruit and onboard new Board members when necessary, to reflect TEP-SA’s growing and changing needs
  • Serve on committees or task forces, and take on special assignments as necessary

Length of term: Minimum of 2 years.


We are looking for three (3) individuals who are passionate about TEP’s mission and can commit to at least two years of service. In particular, we are seeking individuals with any of the following experience, networks, and knowledge:

  • Digital storytelling, filmmaking, journalism, or other creative mediums
  • Marketing and communications: social media strategies, public relations, market research, branding, etc.
  • Fundraising and fund development
  • Talent recruitment and consultant management 
  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Nonprofit finance/accounting 
  • Nonprofit management and operations
  • Leadership and direction 

Candidates can be South African citizens/nationals, as well as citizens of other countries. Although there are no formal requirements in terms of specific years of experience, candidates will be evaluated based on their unique skillset and commitment to our mission.


  • A leadership position in a growing nonprofit with a big vision and ambitious goals to shift the ways in which Black people are perceived in the world.
  • The opportunity to work in an impact-driven organization and leave your mark in areas you are passionate about.
  • A committed and engaged international Advisory Committee (based in South Africa, Brazil, USA and Germany) ready and happy to support you with any training, tools or resources you may need.

Please note that this is a part-time volunteering position. The length of term is a minimum of two years, and we anticipate approximately 5-10 hours per week of service, particularly in the first year. In subsequent years, as we formalize and hire staff, this number will likely decrease. 


If you are interested, please submit your CV with a letter describing your interest in joining the Board by 18 February 2022. In your letter, please answer the following questions:

  • What attracts you to The Emerge Project?
  • What potential do you see for TEP-SA?
  • What unique experiences, skills and mindset can you contribute to TEP-SA?
  • What do you hope to gain from this opportunity?

Please send these materials to board@emerge-project.org by 18 February 2022.