I’m Vika Mjoka. I am a champion of young minds. I work with high school kids. I help spark their creative and entrepreneurial spirits through an art program we call I AM – Ideas, Art and Music.

I also am a child of the African soil. I’m very passionate about the young African minds. In front of me everyday I see the greatness that this great continent can turn out to be. I see it in each and every child’s face.

My work helps to prepare the minds of young people. A child that has been rescued from his future destructive self by maybe an intervention of a motivational talk, or paying for his or her school fees for one month, I think that makes all the difference. It’s a way I’m adding value. I don’t just motivate, I share my resources with them. 

A lot of the work I do is focused on the development of boys–their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Vika Mjoka

We have what is essentially a book club, but some of the boys have told me that it sounds like an old white women’s gathering, so they don’t want to call it a book club. We decided to call it Boys Do Read Success Club. The first book choice was a book called Who Moved My Cheese. A great book that teaches about change and how to adapt around change. Instead of resisting change or looking at it as the source of your problems, how do you embrace it, become a part of it? And how do you make sure change works in your favor? It’s about learning to play a proactive role instead of being a victim. 

I’ve got 7 kids of my own. Every morning when I wake up, they go to school, and I know that in many ways, the education system is going to mess them up. That motivates me to be more of an impact player, to add more value to the education support systems, with the hope that somehow, somewhere, they will be able to extract some value from it. And I’m not just talking about my kids alone. 

I’m hoping that we are able to leave all our kids with a future that is better than the past that we destroyed. That’s what matters.

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