In response to the xenophobic attacks that keep popping up around the country, we publish here a series of articles written by young people, both South African and foreign nationals, sharing their thoughts, impressions and reactions to these events.

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South Africa is the country with one of the highest number of people in colour and tribes in Africa. This raises a big question. How come? What happened? Does every person belong to South Africa by root? That’s a big “NO.” Most of our tribes originated from the North, West and East of Africa. The first tribe who came to the south of Africa was the San people looking for peace of mind and freedom. All other nations came to South Africa after running away from civil war.  

The question is; why did they migrate? The answer is on the tip of every person’s tongue:PEACEand FREEDOM. Even after they left their places hoping for the best and free life, it was still difficult for them, especially Black and Indian people, to enjoy life, as they were terrorised and colonized by white people.

It was not over until other African countries involved themselves with South African people in the struggle, to fight the spirit of APARTHEID. They were doing this because they know that we are brothers and sisters. Countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Libiya, Angola, Tanzania and many more contributed to our struggle so that we could claim back the FREEDOMwe were running for. They did not rest and celebrate while South Africans were terrorised and abused. They were feeling the very same pain our people were feeling.

South Africa was formed under the spirit of peace and Ubuntu. I am surprised to see other fellow South Africans punishing and killing other Africans who contributed their power and resources to South Africa to gain freedom. What happened between the year 2000 and 2008 in Alexandra Township and other areas of Gauteng, does not show the true reflection of humanity and unity. I condemn the idea or demon of Xenophobic attacks amongst people regardless of colour or race. We are one blood. We deserve to enjoy and cherish each moment in our life together from Cape Town to Cairo, from Asia, Europe to South and North America, we are one thing. We have been formed by one matter.The killing of Somalian and Mozambique businessmen in South Africa, is one of the most heart breaking stories. People have the right to trade as long as they trade in a harmonious way. They deserve the best. The surprising matter is, these attacks are led by young leaders. Instead of building the best South Africa they’re hoping for, they equip themselves with violent ideas. My advice to all African youth is, never ever expect to reap where you didn’t sow. Work smart so that you can enjoy every year of your entire life. Peaceful ideas grow peaceful fruits, however violent ideas bear regrets and struggle in life. Peace and freedom may reign in every human being around the world. We should learn from Malawi who took a confident risk to trade with South Africa before other countries. Let’s find PEACEand FREEDOMamongst ourselves so that we can be able to portray it to other fellow Africans.

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