The Driven Entrepreneurship program trains youth and young adults to turn ideas into reality, to think creatively, critically and strategically. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, but everyone has the capacity to contribute to our society in beneficial ways. Driven helps these young people, often overlooked and easily dismissed, to recognize and embrace the many ways they can add value to their community, nation, and humanity at large.

These photos capture Driven at work with a group of learners in Alexandra Township. All of them showed up to school on a Saturday morning to talk through their business ideas with their coach, and to pitch these ideas to one another. At the end of the program, after weeks learning what it takes to start and run a business, each of them will pitch for a chance to win real money–a seed investment to help them turn their idea into reality.

The Emerge Project is all about capturing and documenting stories like this. Help us raise $5000 so that we can promote these stories and distribute them to 6000+ people in 2020. This is our chance to promote black businesses, and change the narrative that black communities cannot solve their own problems. DONATE HERE

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