My name is Paul Maluleke. I was born and brought up in Alexandra. I am a social entrepreneur. I enjoy working with communities on local economic development. I do a lot of things, but the main one is tourism. My background is in tourism and farming, and right now I’m activating ecotourism in the greater Alexandra tourism and farming sector. I also work with the government, individuals, and international companies and investors. 

Since 2002 I’ve been doing a lot of work around the province and around the country. I’ve been trying to develop networks, create collaboration between communities, and connect local upcoming entrepreneurs.

There are so many issues facing South Africa right now, and they’re being influenced politically. That’s why we must make sure we foster entrepreneurship because politics is keeping us hungry. And entrepreneurship is something that will ensure that the future of our next generation is sustainable.

We are living in a community whereby people think it’s hopeless and they don’t see opportunities around them. There’s a gap between the economy and our communities, and there’s a lack of an entrepreneurial spirit in our community. We are living in a country where we have a lot of consumers and fewer producers. We are relying on the politicians rather than relying on our ourselves. 

“…entrepreneurship is something that will ensure that the future of our next generation is sustainable.”

Paul Maluleke

What I need now is a winning team, people who are willing to work, people who are passionate, people who have time. I need a strong team with strong individual personalities, people who are not afraid to take on challenges, people who can challenge our economy and various industries. There is a lot of funding, there is a lot of opportunities, but then we don’t have individuals who can go and take those opportunities and bring them back into our communities. 

I see a lot of investment opportunities. I see a lot of opportunities in our government and global communities. The industry that I’m in, there’s still a lot of gaps whereby we need young people to come and partake in the tourism industry, the farming industry. We have a challenge of food security, and we need more people to come and assist to produce more food and to create more employment. We also need to create more entrepreneurs because, right now, 60% of our citizens are reliant on our government. We have to change that mindset so that we can build a sustainable future.

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