Who We Are

The Emerge Project is a storytelling project that highlights the ways in which Black entrepreneurs and community leaders drive growth and development at the grassroots level in South Africa and Brazil.

All around the world, Black people tend to be seen as needy, troublesome, incapable of generating solutions without outside direction. Our project aims to show that, in fact, the opposite is true: Black people–ordinary, everyday people–are constantly building and rebuilding foundations, using their ingenuity and limited resources to change the world around them.

We use short films, photo essays, articles and blogs to show the real people and the real movements that are driving change at the grassroots level, with an initial focus on Johannesburg, South Africa and Salvador, Brazil.

Featured Videos


Township Youth Pushing For Reform

Every generation has its own battles to fight. It was on 16 June, 42 years ago that the youth of Soweto took to the streets to march against the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in education. Four decades later, on 16 June 2018, the youth of Alexandra, in...

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Volunteer With Us!

Come help us elevate the voices of grassroots Black visionaries and leaders in South Africa and Brazil! The Emerge Project is on a growth track for 2018! We've got a vision and goals for this year; will you help us realize them? We are looking for a team of volunteers...

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