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The Emerge Project is a storytelling project that highlights the ways in which Black people drive growth and development at the grassroots level in South Africa.


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The Coming Great Awakening

The other day I was chatting with a South African colleague whom I had recently met. She expressed her fear and discomfort with the current state of the country, with the political instability and deepening racial tensions, among other factors. I could feel her sense...

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Raising South Africa’s Giants

An African proverb says it takes a community to raise a child, which means it’s everyone’s responsibility to take an active role in contributing to the nurturing of the child We are living in a face-paced, instant information and pressure filled world. Today’s...

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The Unsung Heroes of Africa

By this point in time and history, we all are well-versed in Africa’s problems. We can all, in every corner of the globe, recite a litany of challenges and wrongs plaguing the continent. But do we have any idea of what’s working? Can we stand up and point out all the...

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Black Child

Black child rise, Rise from the dust of your clay, Rise from the earth of your forefathers, Rise from the negativity imposed upon you, By those who fear your majestic nature, Rise from the pressure that’s meant to keep you down, From rising above them, Rise from the...

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