Emerge South Africa

One of the many ways to facilitate the growth and development of the Black population in South Africa and around the world is by working to shift the standard narrative flowing into and out of Black communities. Recognizing and highlighting the work of impactful Black leaders, particularly those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, and illustrating their journeys, including obstacles and triumphs, challenges and victories, can help to construct a different standard of what’s possible. Through the videos, podcasts, articles and blogs on this page, we will begin this reconstruction.

Video series

These videos represent the work and impact of enterprising entrepreneurs living and working in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. They represent just a tiny portion of the vibrant and creative entrepreneurship scene in Johannesburg.


History Untold

In response to the xenophobic attacks that keep popping up around the country, we publish here a series of articles written by young people, both South African and foreign nationals, sharing their thoughts, impressions and reactions to these events. By Mpho Adora...

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Township Youth Pushing For Reform

Every generation has its own battles to fight. It was on 16 June, 42 years ago that the youth of Soweto took to the streets to march against the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in education. Four decades later, on 16 June 2018, the youth of Alexandra, in...

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