Emerge Salvador

The Project originally began as an independent and experimental initiative in Salvador, Brazil in 2015, sharing the stories of four Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs living and working in the city of Salvador. We worked with local journalists, camera operators, translators and other support roles to produce four biographical films starring four Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs. In addition, we crafted a number of related articles. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response this initiative received from Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike, we recognized the pressing need for more progressive and celebratory news coming out of Black communities around the world. Explore this page to find articles and photos about Black ingenuity in Salvador, Brazil!

Salvador video series

These four videos represent the work and impact of four enterprising Afro-Brazilian entrepreneurs living and working in Salvador, Brazil.” They represent just a tiny portion of the vibrant and creative entrepreneurship scene in Salvador.


The Story of Mukunã Dreadlocks

What’s hair got to do with it? You can’t talk about the growth and development of the black population in Brazil, about social and economic solutions, about inclusive strategies and empowerment initiatives, without recognizing the important role hair plays in all of...

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