Black child rise,
Rise from the dust of your clay,
Rise from the earth of your forefathers,
Rise from the negativity imposed upon you,
By those who fear your majestic nature,
Rise from the pressure that’s meant to keep you down,
From rising above them,
Rise from the hatred of those who hate themselves,

Black child the world awaits you,
The world awaits the sons and daughters of the soil,
The world awaits the givers of life,
The true soldiers and warriors of the Mother Nature,
The world awaits the goddesses of humanity,
To fill and warm the world’s pain,

Black child wipe your tears,
Cast your fears aside,
Tie your shoe laces,
Black child have your armor ready,

Black child it’s time,
The sun is shining upon your
Golden black skin,
Skin that has absorbed so much pain,
And yet it still shines with life
Without a single crack,

The earth is burning with your ancestor’s energy,
To heal the world,
Black child your hair is tangled with wisdom,
That’s kept above your head,

Black child the world is amazed by your strength and brave heart,
The world is in need of your wisdom,
That isn’t written by pen on paper,
But kept safe in your heart,

Black child of the world,
They put you down,
Because they can’t be like you,
They put you down because you are
The only step that can elevate them to greatness,
Because you and greatness are one,
You are the closest thing that they have seen,
That can connect them with Jah,
You are the black gold that they can’t
Sell or dig,
They try to bury you, but they don’t know
That you are of the soil,
They are only making you stronger,

Black child rise to your calling,
Nature awaits your rising,
The galaxy is brightening your path,
The world is longing for your arrival,

Rise black child rise, the time is now, rise black child rise.

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