About Us

What The Emerge Project Is All About

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The Emerge Project celebrates and cultivates Black ingenuity around the world, starting in South Africa and Brazil. We bring to light real-life examples of people who are creating, inventing, building, solving, transforming, and pursuing dreams, particularly at the grassroots level, and we share their stories through short biographical films.

We demonstrate the ways in which these individuals, especially those from disadvantaged and marginalized communities, generate social and economic impact through their community leadership and entrepreneurial activities.

We are a storytelling project that uses film, journalistic articles, columns, podcasts, and photography to facilitate and build up a network of Black leaders who can spearhead the transformation of their community and society, and promote a culture of self-initiative and collaboration.


  • Stimulate and facilitate a network of partnerships, collaboration, idea generation and actions that strengthen Black communities and nurture Black-led initiatives, especially at the grassroots level.
  • Encourage national and international communities to collaborate with these Black leaders
  • Inspire, motivate, and educate Black young people to become leaders and change agents in their communities



Hope emerges, even in South Africa

In a context like South Africa, where the news is constantly grim, where hope has lost its luster, just like a tree stripped of life during the winter season, it’s often hard to believe in anything other than an equally grim and unpleasant future.

We are here to show you that there is still hope. That winter tree is not dead, and neither is our hope. In every Black community in this country there are numerous catalysts—people with the vision and hope and passion to make a change, no matter how small. You don’t hear about them because, well, their reach is too small, or their story is not “sexy” enough for the evening news. But they are there, and they are the ones holding society up from the bottom.

We are here to challenge you to SEE these individuals, to recognize their work and their impact, to allow them to give you hope for the future of South Africa.

We are here to invite you to stand beside them as allies—as partners, collaborators, investors, mentors, whatever it takes to nurture and grow the flame they’ve already sparked.

Because we—YOU—need these catalysts, these individuals who are holding up and building up small corners of society all across the country. Imagine the collective impact if their efforts were strengthened and multiplied. Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Regardless of our background, our socioeconomic status, where we live, what we do for a living, our futures are inextricably bound together. This is not so much a case of “helping” Black people, as it is an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and co-create a new future, one that we will ALL benefit from.

So as you explore our site and the profile pages of our community catalysts (coming soon!), we invite you to consider the ways in which you can become an ally and co-creator. Then reach out to us and let’s make it happen!