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The Emerge Project is a storytelling project that highlights the ways in which Black people drive growth and development at the grassroots level in South Africa.


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The Coming Great Awakening

The other day I was chatting with a South African colleague whom I had recently met. She expressed her fear and discomfort with the current state of the country, with the political instability and deepening racial tensions, among other factors. I could feel her sense...

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Raising South Africa’s Giants

An African proverb says it takes a community to raise a child, which means it’s everyone’s responsibility to take an active role in contributing to the nurturing of the child We are living in a face-paced, instant information and pressure filled world. Today’s...

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The Unsung Heroes of Africa

By this point in time and history, we all are well-versed in Africa’s problems. We can all, in every corner of the globe, recite a litany of challenges and wrongs plaguing the continent. But do we have any idea of what’s working? Can we stand up and point out all the...

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